Private Island Holiday Limited Offer for Diver Enthusiast, Book Now!

Private Island Holiday Limited Offer for Diver Enthusiast, Book Now!

Wednesday, 08 May 2024
Calling all dive enthusiasts! This June, Sienna Resort Maratua will offer a limited-time private island escape designed to make your underwater dreams a reality.

Imagine yourself surrounded by crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, exploring vibrant coral reefs, and witnessing the wonders of the hidden underwater world. At Sienna Resort Maratua, this dream becomes your reality – and even better, this June, it comes with exclusive offers you won't want to miss!

Beach Resort Promo Details

Book your private island getaway for 4 people with a minimum 3-night stay and receive a complimentary trip to explore the sand dune island and snorkel in Maratua's best diving spots.

2. Community Adventure

Gather your dive buddies! For groups of at least 10 people staying for 4 nights, choose your adventure:
  • Island Hopping: Embark on a free expedition to Kakaban Island, famed for its gentle giants – the whale sharks. Explore the mystical Halo Tabung Cave and the sand island, all included in your stay.
  • Scuba Diving for Two: Opt for a complimentary scuba diving package for 2 people, perfect for diving deeper into Maratua's underwater wonders.

Exclusive Amenities at Sienna Resort

Outdoor BBQ Service for The Last Night

To make your stay truly unforgettable, we include an exclusive outdoor BBQ service on your last night at the beach resort. Enjoy freshly grilled delights under the starlit sky, the perfect way to relax and share stories of the day's dives with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Why Choose Sienna Resort Maratua?

Sienna Resort Maratua stands out with its idyllic location, exceptional service, and dedication to providing a unique diving experience. Our resort is not just a place to stay but a gateway to exploring underwater treasures, offering comfortable accommodations right at the heart of Maratua's best dive sites. With our limited-time offers, June is the perfect month to book your dive holiday.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to dive into the beauty of Maratua with Sienna Resort. Space is limited only for direct booking. Book now to secure your spot for June!

Dive Into the Holiday You Deserve with Sienna Resort Maratua, Book Your Reservation for June Now!

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